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Cazadora Page 18 Pencils for INKERS by rantz Cazadora Page 18 Pencils for INKERS by rantz
Here is the first of two pages that are in need of inks...please see my latest journal entry for all the rules. Download, print, and ink, and then resubmit within one week for a chance to be printed, get a signed copy, as well as receive this page as the ULTIMATE prize...

Cazadora is (C) Sam Eggleston, and Randy Kintz - all rights reserved...
For more information on this title, please visit, and like our facebook page which can be found here:…;

Here is the page description:


    Panel 1: Zombie queen's mouth is close to Cazadora's ear. 

Zombie queen: It's the brains. I discovered that if you eat the brains, you don't lose your intellectual functions. 

Zombie queen: And if you eat enough flesh and brains? It's like you were never bit at all. 

    Panel 2: Cazadora looks to the people chained to the throne. They look so scared. So desperate. 

Cazadora: So you're using these people--people who were just like you--like cattle? 

    Panel 3: Zombie queen runs her fingers through the hair of one of the people chained to the throne. A young woman. Tears are flowing down the woman's face. 

Zombie queen: Means to an end, Caz. I have to, or I end up like one of them. Mindless. My flesh rotting away. My life driven by the desire to eat living creatures. I wouldn't wish that upon my enemy. 

    Panel 4: Cazadora stands to her feet, her hands still bound behind her back. 

Cazadora: This is wrong, Lydia. You have to know that. 

Cazadora: Let me go and come back with me. We've got scientists who can help you. There's a full R&D team--

Zombie queen (off panel): Ha! 

    Panel 5: Zombie queen sitting back in her throne. She's pointing toward Cazadora. 

Zombie queen: I've found the only solution, my love. Do you think I haven't tried? It's been four years since I was bitten. I exhausted myself initially trying to cure myself. And then I accepted it. 

Zombie queen: Martin. Oscar. Escort our guest to my chambers and wait for me. I'll be there shortly…

    Panel 6: Zombie queen is running her fingers through the girl's hair again. Our view is from partially over her shoulder. We can see two zombies escorting Cazadora away. The girl is sobbing
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oh here the right link:
Hi, I hope to be on time: 
My ink here:

I just give A try! ^///^ I know maybe I'm not so good!!!! -.-'
Hope you like it! 
TriggerHappyD Jan 31, 2014  Professional Filmographer
madman1 Jan 28, 2014  Professional Artist
Saved for a later date.
awesome sauce
ArsonDadko Jan 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hmmm, color me intrigued! Might just take a stab at inking this :)
awesome - all are welcome
SukiMitchell Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i just may try this...
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